Friday, July 22, 2016


Weird Tales Cover
These poison dreams are killing me... They derive from sleep medication mixed with pain medication and I hardly take nothing of the latter... The dream last night had me and a bunch of old friends, "the gang" that I thought at the time would never split up, but misunderstandings and marriage done killed the lot, and we were at this very large outdoor mall type of place and I was grabbed away from them as we were all on skateboards supposed to go somewhere and I had to take care of a semi pretty, kinda homey young girl and her little brother and do a "radio" show set up outside some stores and no one paid us any mind, like it was a normal thing... The show based on my own internet podcast and then suddenly the violence that had occurred earlier happened and she was or seemed to be killed by a gunshot blast that literally turned her into a stick of hay that seemed like a few frozen entrails or something horrible but even that was too tragic being that her parents trusted me, or someone that I was lying about having met who she asked about and I lied... It was like reading a "Thriller" book or watching a complicated Cold War movie halfway through and I was the star and she was alive it turns out and by the time my friends returned they were glad to see me but since I was away so long, so involved in gunplay and a strange girl who got prettier by the time they saw her, all my friends treated me differently... Aloof, envious, and kind of afraid...

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